Performance TV Advertising


A small collection of high performing tv commercials (of various styles) we've developed, produced and optimised over the past few years for a variety of startups and small brands.  


Client: Lovoo GmbH
Summary: Our tv campaign helped the startup become Europe's largest mobile dating app.
Countries: Germany, UK, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria


Client: Secret Escapes
Summary: With our performance driven approach, we drastically increased the conversion rate of this tv campaign.
Countries: Germany, UK, Switzerland, Austria

Client: TV Smiles GmbH
Summary: We worked with TV Smiles from their app launch to their 2 millionth user. This was a celebratory TV ad that promoted even more growth. 
Countries: Germany, UK, Switzerland, Austria

Summary: Our tv campaign not only set the successful launch of a completely new brand, but also increased the sales of the Sony eReader.
Countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria

Client: Ehapa Media / Yps
Summary: This video campaign was realised in a very short time and performed well beyond expectations.
Countries: Germany