In a nutshell: how we shoot commercials.

G+F Owner Philipp Gaul directing a tv commercial

G+F Owner Philipp Gaul directing a tv commercial

At GAUL+FRIENDS we streamline the production process as much possible without sacrificing quality. Here is how we do it:

In order to save costs for our clients we keep overhead costs at G+F to an absolute minimum. 
However, professional high-end video productions for tv and online are complex.
Planning, organising, production and post-production is an extreme challenge for any agency that is operating in a very competitive landscape.

And most importantly there simply is no standard “out-of-the-box” solution. Every project is different. Even the technical requirements vary from project to project. In other words, it’s a nightmare for an agency that’s trying to make a profit out of this on a regular basis. (At least for anyone who is trying to turn this complex experience into something simple and efficient for their clients. )

One way is to minimise the amount of staff hired for each project.
But despite trying to keep the head count low (to ensure speed and cost efficiency), we believe in only hiring the best of the best for a production. In other words: Quality over quantity.
And even though we’re able to cut costs significantly this way, our productions aren’t cheap or low budget. Because quality always comes to a cost. But quality also always pays off.

Is this the best way to make money? Probably not. Trying to simplify a process means you’re missing out on a great money maker opportunity: 
If a client doesn’t understand what you’re doing it’s easy to charge them a lot of money. But that’s not how we roll.
Our clients have to be on board with this highly efficient approach. We’re moving fast - and that’s great. But a speedy ride can get a little bumpy. And because we simply don’t have the resources to “smother” you with fancy meetings that’s not for everyone. There is a reason why we work with a lot of online startups and digital brands. Because those companies usually value our fast workflow over maximum flexibility and comfort

We consider our clients partners. Our projects can only become a success if we work hand in hand and trust each other.
In the past we’ve been blesses with a lot of awesome clients and sometimes it’s important to take your time as an agency owner and thank them: Honestly, it’s been a pleasure working with you!