Video marketing
done right.

GAUL+FRIENDS is a Berlin based video agency turning viewers into customers.
Growth hacking online and on television with the power of video. 
We solve problems in weeks - not months.

A big thank you to over 100 happy clients...


An agile approach to creating & optimising video campaigns

From ideation to post-production, whether it be for TV or online:
Our goal is to work closely with our clients and to test ideas and strategies as much as possible.
We believe that speed has become a variable for success in modern marketing.


We love Innovation

Our approach is to embrace
innovation as much as possible.


Small and Powerful

We work efficiently in small teams with
a no meetings policy.


Our Ads Sell

Your return on investment
is our primary focus. 


We work with both
International startups
and big brands.

We’d love to hear about your project. 
Get in touch with us and we'll get working. 

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We optimise video campaigns in realtime with video analytics


Our approach goes beyond common A/B Testing. We monitor every aspect of your video ad and make real-time adjustments to ensure the best possible performance of your video campaign.

This is the future of video advertising.

Media has changed.
So should advertising.